I have a memory of accompanying my mother to the grocery store one day when I was a child, as I often did, and her ending up in a confrontation with a white man. Confrontation is not quite the right word, as that implies a mutual interaction, while this was more of a one-sided assault. I don’t remember what happened to lead up to this moment, what my mother might have done to provoke this man’s anger, but he stood looming over both of us in this grocery store and yelled at her. He said, among other things, something like…

Few values are so universal as education. Education is often seen as the solution to a number of societal ills, and the lack thereof as the blame, and this belief is so widely held to have ensured the survival of free primary and secondary education in the United States despite America’s fear of socialism. But while we all might agree on the importance of education, the meaning of education has been in a constant state of flux. An education by definition involves learning, but learning what?

In 1787, in the wake of mass immigration of Germans to North America, Thomas…

Image shot in Manhattan, where Epstein was a long-time resident

Recently, Jeffrey Epstein was found unconscious in his New York jail cell, with injuries around his neck. So far, it’s unclear whether the wounds were self-inflicted or caused by one or more attackers.

We have a far-from-perfect justice system, exemplified constantly by wrongful convictions, often influenced by systemic racism, and the ability of the wealthy to buy their way out of legal ramifications for their illegal actions. …

Elizabeth Proctor

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